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By Ernest Thompson

VIDEO SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: Please submit by May 20th

IN PERSON AUDITIONS: May 16 & May 17 from 4pm - 6pm

IN PERSON AUDITION LOCATION: Bennett Hall, 62 Centre St.


REHEARSAL DATES: August 16 - September 1, 2022

SHOW DATES: September 2 - September 24, 2022


Ethel Thayer - Ethel is Norman's wife, and is several years younger than Norman. She is happy, outgoing, and content. Since they met, she has taken the rough edges off of Norman's personality. Intelligent and well grounded, she has been content to defer to Norman on many issues without losing her own identity.

Chelsea Thayer Wayne - Daughter of Norman and Ethel. Pretty, athletic and spunky, but with a nervous edginess to her. Divorced and now engaged to Billy Ray. Way down inside her, there is a young girl still seeking her father’s approval.

Charlie Martin - A big, round man with a weather-beaten face, smiling eyes and a strong Maine accent. A friend of the Thayer family that has harborded a crush on Chelsea all this time. In his rustic, simple, thoughtful way, he is quite charming.

Billy Ray, Jr. - Thirteen years old, but precocious and worldly for his age. Billy is intelligent, but suspicious and guarded. At this point in his life, he has not spent a lot of time with his father, or any male role model. Billy recognizes that he has been passed back and forth between his parents out of necessity, but has not really been "raised" by either of them.

Bill Ray - The dentist to whom Chelsea is engaged and father to Billy. He is becoming very satisfied with new-found changes in his life, both on personal and professional fronts.

* The role of Norman Thayer, Jr. has been cast. 


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