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Welcome to Nantucket’s longest running professional theatre, creating exciting and vibrant productions since 1956. Your home for exceptional theatre thirty miles out to sea.

Theatre Workshop’s 2020 Season was made possible by the generosity and commitment of our Producers.

Season Producers

Kay and Peter Bernon & Max and Pamela Berry

Executive Producers

 Seward and Cecelia Johnson, Jill and Stephen Karp, Jeff and Susan Lucier & David and Vickie Smick


 Jane Condon and Ken Bartels, The Beachside Hotel, Carole and Gary Beller, Paul Bernon, David and Anna-Karin Dillard,  Charlie and Jane Forman, Elizabeth and Michael Galvin, Nan and Chuck Geshke, Ellie Gottwald, HollyJolly Foundation, Chris and Winnie Mortenson, Craig and Ann Muhlhauser, George and Maria Roach, Les Silverman & William Bainbridge Steele and Christopher Putnam Drake