The Play's the Thing Readings Series

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Bakersfield Mist

Thank You For Coming
April 28, 7:00pm THE STORY: Maude, a fifty-something unemployed bartender living in a trailer park, has bought a painting for a few bucks from a thrift store. Despite almost trashing it, she’s now convinced it’s a lost masterpiece by Jackson Pollock worth millions. But when world-class art expert Lionel Percy flies over from New York... Read more
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The Cake

Thank You For Coming
June 5, 4:00pm In Celebration of PRIDE Month, and in association with Nantucket Pride. THE STORY: Della makes cakes, not judgment calls – those she leaves to her husband, Tim. But when the girl she helped raise comes back home to North Carolina to get married, and the fiancé is actually a fiancée, Della’s life... Read more
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Slow Food

Thank You For Coming
April 30, 7:00pm THE STORY: A vacationing couple celebrates their anniversary at a Greek restaurant in Palm Springs—but will the marriage survive the service? As a needy waiter insinuates his way into their meal—and their lives—the couple examines their past and their future together. Playwright Wendy MacLeod brings us a tender comedy that delves deeply... Read more
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Collected Stories

Thank You For Coming
April 29, 7:00pm THE STORY: “The conflict between the established artist and the adulatory fan who becomes a protégé, disciple, colleague and friend—and finally threatening rival—is one of those great topics…It resurfaces in Donald Margulies’s provocative new play, COLLECTED STORIES, which confronts the prominent short-story writer Ruth Steiner with her student turned confidante turned competitor... Read more
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Moby Dick Rehearsed

Thank You For Coming
Celebrating 12 years as an island favorite tradition, Moby Dick Rehearsed returns to Nantucket in the summer of 2022. This Nantucket tradition has become a staple of the summer season. Theatre Workshop of Nantucket is thrilled to collaborate once again with Nantucket Historical Association.