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The Cocktail Hour 9/13 - 10/07
Bennett Hall, 62 Centre Street

The Cocktail Hour

by A.R. Gurney

September 13 - October 6

Tuesday to Thursday, & Saturday (Friday October 5th) @ 6pm.  Sunday* @ 3pm. 

>> Please note that there is absolutely no late seating allowed for this production. For the safey of the actors and other patrons, we aren't able to admit anyone into the theatre after the doors have closed. We are unable to move or refund tickets to any patron that arrives late. <<

Winner of the Lucille Lortel Award as Best Off-Broadway Play.

The time is the mid '70s, the place a city in upstate New York. John, a playwright, returns to his family's house, bringing with him a new play that he’s written about them. His purpose is to obtain their permission to proceed with production, but his wealthy, very proper parents are cautious from the outset. For them, the theatre is personified by the gracious and comforting Lunts and Ina Claire, and they are disturbed by the bluntness of modern plays. There is also John's sister Nina to contend with, although her reservations have to do with the fact that John has given her character a minor role. 
 The confrontation takes place during the ritual of the cocktail hour, and as the martinis flow, so do the recriminations and revelations, both funny and poignant. In the end, it is evident that what John has written is closer to the truth than his family has been willing to admit, and that beneath their WASP reserve, his parents and siblings are as beset by uncertainties and frustrations as their presumed "inferiors." But though they seem shackled by the past and tantalized by an alien future, the ties that bind them do prevail—surmounting disputes and disappointments and, with unfailing warmth and humor, converting pained resignation into cautious but hopeful anticipation.

"The Cocktail Hour is as funny and moving as The Dining Room…it could be the best play he has done so far." —The New Yorker.

"An examination of an overprivileged family that fights domestic battles while downing drinks." —The New York Times 

"It makes for a deliciously funny and also occasionally touching evening, as Gurney's family sit around raking over old coals and settling old scores with a quite new and beguiling freshness." —New York Post

Directed by Dan Foster

Starring:  Townsend Ambrecht, Paul Carlin, Janet Forest and Peggy J. Scott

Run time: 2 hours

*September 16th performance is Senior Sunday.  Senior Sunday performances are free to all seniors, reservations required. Call 508-228-4305 to reserve.

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Miracle on 34th Street, The Musical 11/15 - 12/09
Bennett Hall, 62 Centre Street

Miracle on 34th Street, The Musical

Book, Music and Lyrics by Meredith Willson

November 15 - December 9 

See below for detailed performance schedule.

From the musical theatre genius of the Meredith Willson (The Music Man) comes the musical version of the holdiay classic.  Susan Walker's mother Doris is in charge of staging the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Susan's life is one of stark reality. Doris is divorced and determined that no fantasies will ever allow her child to fall into a such a disillusionment as her former marriage. Faith, hope, and men are strictly taboo. When the parade Santa gets drunk, Mr. Kris Kringle, a jolly man with a streaming natural white beard, pops up from nowhere. He is a big success in the parade and becomes Macy's store Santa.  Meanwhile, Susan has met Fred, a returning Marine veteran and hopeful law student. He befriends Susan even though Doris believes it's a plot to get to her. 
Kris is a great Santa. He even tells mothers where to buy toys that Macy’s doesn’t sell. Mr. Macy is upset, but Doris sees a great promotional chance. Make Macy's a friendly store—in the true spirit of Christmas.The plan is a huge success, but in the process, Kris admits that he is the real Santa Claus. His strange behavior wins him an interview with the store's psychologist, Dr. Sawyer, who nearly goes mad trying to break down Kris’s story and wants to have him committed. 
Susan and Kris become good friends. When she learns of his plight, she asks Fred to help defend him. The move is seconded by Doris, who is discovering that Fred isn't like the other men she has known. At the sanity hearing, Mr. Macy testifies that Kris is Santa Claus. So does the prosecuting attorney's little son. As a clincher, Fred manages to get the U.S. Post Office to deliver all of its "Dear Santa" letters to the courtroom. 
The judge sees his chance to wriggle off his political hook, and he accepts the U.S. government’s recognition as proof of Kris's claim. Fred has won more than a hearing. He has won a prospective wife and daughter as well.

Directed and Choreographed by Justin Cerne

Music Director:  David Maglione

Run time: 2 hours, 10 minutes 

Performance Schedule:

November 15 to 17, Thursday to Saturday @ 6pm; Sunday, November 18 @ 3pm*
No performance Thanksgiving Day
November 23 & 24; December 1 & 8 @ 1pm & 7pm
November 29 & 30; December 6 & 7 @ 6pm
December 2 & 9 @ 3pm

*November 18th performance is Senior Sunday.  Senior Sunday performances are free to all seniors, reservations required. Call 508-228-4305 to reserve.

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