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Musical Theatre Dance Workshop

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Sara’s musical theater dance class centers on storytelling, character, musicality and performance. Class begins with a concise jazz-based warm-up to fire up your technique, strengthen and stretch your body, and prepare your mind for learning choreography. The focus of class is the combination, which will always be driven by character and story, and inspired by... Read more
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Script Writing Workshop

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Throughout this course, we will emphasize storytelling techniques–theme, story, plot, dialogue, character arc–and the process of developing a script.  Working from exercises from which the student writer gains access to personal material, the major focus of the class is writing and revising a short play or screenplay. A workshop component of the class will allow... Read more
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Scene Study Workshop

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Scene Study at Theatre Workshop of Nantucket is a weekly 2 hour class taught by Sarah Fraunfelder for anyone wishing to learn how to approach a script and develop acting techniques in a supportive and creative environment. Previous acting experience is in no way required! This class will focus on group learning, because an important... Read more